Abrahams Bosom

The Abraham’s Bosom Reserve has been in existence since the first ships started voyaging on the east coast of Australia. The captains of the ships started referring to the Beecroft Headland as the Abraham’s Bosom, an Old Testament reference to a safe place since the area offered shelter to ships in unsafe climates.


If you are after a quick stroll you can take the shorter wreck walk. An easy and flat 2.5km. Even taking time for photos and exploring it should not take more then an hour.
To experience it all and you really should experience it all, The Coomies walk is a 9km mostly flat and easy circuit taking in all the sites and some wonderful and diverse bushland and coast along the way. Allow 3 hours for this walk as there is plenty to stop and gawk at along the way including stunning lookouts and some remote beaches.
Abrahams Bosom Reserve, Beecroft parade Currarong NSW

Parking is in Abrahams Bosoms reserve, where the P shows on the map. There are also toilets handy which is always nice before a long walk. There is also a gorgeous beach with rock pools right near the parking lot. Said gorgeous beach was not dog friendly however so we crossed the bridge and started our walk… much to Buffys disgust. 

That’s fine though. There are plenty of equally stunning beaches on this walk and all of them welcome dogs.
This one even has a ship wrecked on it. Tides will control how much of this you are able to see and I guess we were lucky enough to be there during a lower tide and got to have a closer look at what is left of the SS Merimbula, a passenger and cargo ship built in Scotland 1909 which ran aground on the rocks at Beecroft in 1928 due to bad weather. All passengers and crew swam to shore the following morning though. So no ghosts on this beach 🙂
uh yes.. a warning for those who might have a problem with spiders.. there were many many spiders when we done this walk in mid summer (new years day) hundreds of them. Harmless orb spiders but it was still daunting to duck underneath webs full of them or have to walk through tight bush corridors with them on either side of me. This was only for the first few hundred metres of the walk though where the hot winds coming off of the ocean were making perfect spider hangout conditions.
Lobster Bay. A great place for snorkling and swimming in summer but it was completely deserted on this summer morning.
Gosangs tunnel. It is about ten metres long and less then a metre high in places. so get ready to crab walk or crawl your way through. HEY! that’s my hat back there!
If you don’t trust your dog not to jump or fall off a cliff make sure they are leashed before coming through the tunnel. Toddlers too!
Mine likes to look but knows to be careful and keep a distance from the edge. Otherwise I yell…. like loudly.
Mermaids inlet is absolutely stunning. Just look at that turquoise water. It is also a popular fishing spot if that’s your thing..
The cliff edge lookout. have you ever seen a walk with so many perfect lookouts?
A nice and relatively flat walk through some shady bush land begins the way back. If your doing this in summer like we did make sure your dog and yourself are protected against ticks, this area is well known for them.
A nice cool cave to cool down in on a hot summers day at the end of a gorgeous walk.
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