Alum mountain

Alum mountain is significant to the local Worimi Aboriginal people who call it Bulla Della, meaning ‘the Great Rock’. The mountain, a volcanic extrusion, is also known as Alum Mountain, after a rare alunite deposit was discovered there in the late 1800s and subsequently mined until 1952. In 1917, this alunite deposit was reported as one of only 3 known deposits in Australia and the largest deposit in the world.
6.3 km easy walk. Initial 1 km climb up the mountain is relatively and consistently steep but it gets much easier after that with some inclines and a few steps. Around 2 hours would leave plenty of time for gawking and photo ops. 
Officially parking is on Scott street Bulahdelah (take Meade street and then a right on to scott street) Outside the picnic area and kids playground there is plenty of room for parking just opposite. 
That being said after crossing the steel bridge over the expressway there is parking for 2 or 3 cars at the track head which is located there.
There is a sign board at the start of the track head which shows a map of the walk but it was a very straightforward and well signposted track. 
The Views are a pretty consistent companion hiding behind the trees on the way up.
Take a left at the signposted fork in the trail and you will shortly come to this small glade. Described as an aboriginal cultural area its a large and open flat area with a couple of benches and strange tree carvings. A nice and peaceful place to stop and catch your breath. 

If you were to stand as I was standing when I took this picture and then turn around behind you, you will see an almost hidden pathway through two cliff walks. The path way was overgrown and covered in fallen logs when I was there. 
Once climbing over a couple of fallen trees and pushing through some wet ferns I found myself in a tiny protected little gully complete with a couple of small overhang caves. You can almost imagine people making a home of it once upon a time. If you keep an eye out when you continue up to the lookout there will be a point where you will be able to look down upon it from above.
A little further up and past some more spectacular views…
and what appears to be the remains of a steam engine.
View from the top of the world or at least the view from the mountain lookout.
After drinking in the view and catching your breath from the climb up its time to backtrack and find that other lookout.
Tracks are well marked and easy enough for young children or the less agile puppers but there are some cliff areas to be wary of.
Ted Bakers lookout is just as impressive. Time to chill after all our hard work 🙂
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