Barden Ridge

When Alfred Barden first moved in to this area it was called Bottle forest. Renamed as Bangor in 1887 when it became crown land and again In 1896 to Menai. Barden Ridge renamed again. this time from Lucas heights in 1995 has been through many name changes over the years.
Distance: There are a lot of different tracks zigzagging all over the place. I took the firetrail most of the way to New Illawarra road and followed the road for a little before circling around and following the creek back, This loop took about 2 hours. 
Location: Turn off of New Illawara road and on to Recreation drive in Barden ridge. Follow the road around and pass the pump track on your left before taking the next left turn. Park at the end of the road and the track starts directly across from the round about at the end.
A surprisingly lovely track hidden behind all the track and field and assorted sports grounds in the Barden ridge area.
The track starts high in some pretty forest that seems fairly typical to the menai area. 
We took the firetrail first so we spent a bit of time walking up on the high ridges before circling around when we reached the road. 
It’s not a steep or a long walk down to where the creek is and there are some stunning spots along the way once down here.
This dense and lush rain forest area was quite surprising beautiful.
This waterfall would be a lovely place for a swim on warmer days even if its only really a waterfall straight after some rain.  
This stunning little pool was our favorite though. Just the right size for n nice swim for buffy and beautiful place to sit and rest before climbing back up the hill to the car. 
If you are lucky enough to be here after a little bit of rain there is even some lovely little cascades falling into it.
A movie taken at the pool to show just how stunning and peaceful the place really is.
It is a great place to spend the day exploring in a with your human or canine companions.
and if your pupper still has plenty of energy after their walk and swim there is a very pretty off lead dog park thrown in! Perfect!
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