Ben’s Walk

In the 1930’s, during the Great Depression, there were a number of homeless men living in caves along Nowra Creek below the escarpment. Mr Ernest Walsh (Ben), came up with the idea to provide these homeless men with employment by having them assist him to build a walk to link the Showgrounds above the escarpment to West Nowra. This walk was named ‘Ben’s Walk’.
Follow Scenic Drive Nowra into Nowra showgrounds. Park anywhere near the picnic area and follow signs to the steps that lead down to the start of the walk.
The walk is a very easy 5.5km Loop walk. Start by passing between two large rocks before descending stairs and then crossing over the bridge. Follow the river for a while to a stepping stone type crossing and then continue back up the other side after crossing. 
There is also a short 1km loop walk starting at hanging rock and looping around near the bridge before returning. 
The original suspension bridge was erected in this location when a young girl drowned attempting to cross the river in a small boat to reach her neighbours property. It has since been rebuilt twice. Most recently in 2015.
The Views from the bridge down the Shoalhaven river are just lovely.
Part of the walk on this side of the river follows a mowed path through this pretty field beside the river with farms off in the distance. I passed a couple of piers on the river and several people were taking advantage of the warm day to swim in the river.
Its nice how often the scenery changes during your journey. The river seems to be the only real constant.
It was a hot afternoon and we had done the Abrahams Bosom walk that morning so we took our time with this walk and then I found a nice rock to sit on, put my feet in the beautiful cool water and let Buffy swim. A perfect end to a long hot day.
Warning… This is literally a 59 second video of my dog playing in the river. 
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January 2019