Birdwood Gully

The Birdwood Gully walking track was built between 1879 and 1882. Later in the 1940’s the track was built that follows Springwood Creek downstream to the remains of a dam that formed a swimming pool at the time. 
The Birdwood Gully reserve that this walk inhabits contains the Spring that led Governer Macquarie to name the town Springwood in 1815.
“We then Halted at three O’clock in a very pretty wooded Plain near a Spring of very good fresh Water and Pitched our tents near the side of the Road. This Stage is 12 Miles from Emu Ford and our first on the Mountains – The Place being very pretty I have named it “Spring – Wood.” 


Best place to park and begin the walk is probably somewhere near the corner of Lucinda avenue and Bednal road in Springwood.
This loop walk is only 2.6km (Medium grade) and will take around an hour to complete, maybe an hour and a half if you really take your time. There is also a short walk that follows Springwood creek for a while before climbing up to the street. This track is a little rougher but its still less then half an hour each way added to your walk. Keep an eye out for some circular stepping stones crossing the creek.. If you entered the walk at the Lucinda avenue side then the track starts just before you cross the creek, its easy to miss. The track you might see after you cross the creek just goes rather directly up to the street. There are some interesting caves and rock formations along the creek that make this a worthwhile and pleasant addition to the walk. 
The walk is well signposted and very easy to follow and no map is needed. The one posted here is from 1882 and although kinda cool, it is probably useless..
I parked on Lucinda ave. and crossed the road to where the walk starts at an easy enough descent with some decent views. of the mountains.
This is one of the beautiful caves you walk through not too long after starting your walk.
Once you get down to the creek crossing you have a few choices. If your short on time you can cross and continue the loop walk.
Or you could take the track that follows the creek.. This starts directly before the creek crossing, on your left.
It is less then an hour return and Definitely worth doing if you want to check out some amazing caves and rock formations along the creek.
There is also a track that starts on the other side of the creek crossing and heads up to the street.
There is not a lot to see along the way but it ends in a rather pretty lookout and is only about a 30 minute return walk.
Many beautiful steps along the walk help with the cardio kick for the day
Most of the walk stays close to the creek keeping it not only scenic but also a bit cooler.
There is also some lovely tracks of dry rainforest to walk through, or run and jump through if your a border collie.
and even more amazing caves on the walk back up to the street. 
A nice short and easy walk.. A great one to do with children or less energetic doggo’s or just when you feel like having a lazy day yourself!
“Thursday, April 27th: . . . Before we left the ground, the Governor and Mrs. Macquarie and a few more walked down to the spring where we had been supplied with water, situated about half a mile down a deep glen. In rainy seasons the water might be had much nearer. There appears a water course at the back of the encampment which extends down to a spring issuing from a rock. The water (of the spring first mentioned), is good, but something of a mineral quality. From this spring and the surrounding forest the Governor gave the name of SPRINGWOOD to this station. We did not leave this place till 12 o ‘clock. …”
Capt. Henry Colden Antill
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