Blackhead Reserve

Black Head has been a popular fossil site for school and university excursions for more than half a century and still is today. It is one of the best displays of fossils on the New South Wales coast with fossils dating from 250-300 million years ago. There are plenty of examples of tree fossils and, if you look carefully, you will see small sea creatures. 
Blackhead Reserve. Entry is near 162 Headlands drive Gerroa. 

This walk is something a little bit different. Park at the reserve and walk down to the black rocks.. This walk is best done at low tide.
No set distance just walk, explore and enjoy. 
The reserve is also a popular area for rock fishing and whales are commonly spotted heading south past here during the winter months.
If your after a place to swim and don’t fancy swimming among the rocks at blackhead then you can head to 7 mile beach, one of the longest beaches on the south coast. The dog friendly part is not too far south, at shoalhaven heads. 
Walking down the lush green lawns to the ocean.  
There is a small shale beach between the grass area and the black volcanic rock.
Taking a right at the beach will lead you to a walk along these raised seacliffs, popular with fishermen.
I was here during low tide which i think made it a lot more interesting. 
There are so many pools with their own unique looks them.
This one looks like its own peaceful little planet.. The rest of the universe going on around it.
A perfect alternative to bush walking on a hot summers day…
Definitely no arguments from Buffy about that.
Whilst looking through all the little pools though, make sure to keep one eye on the sea. Whale sightings are common here.
Admiring the scenery… or maybe looking for whales.
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January 2019