Boat Harbour Kernell

Boat Harbour is a small beach located on the north-eastern side of the Kernell Peninsula originally  inhabited by the Gweagal Aborigines. 
The first land grant was issued in 1815. 700 acres of land on the Kurnell Peninsula Including Boat Harbour was issued to James Birnie, a Whaler and Merchant.  He named his land ‘Alpha Farm’ and built himself a cottage. When James Birnie was declared insane in 1828, John Connell gained possession of his property.
John Connell passed away in 1848 leaving his estate 
to his grandsons and In 1861 the property was sold to Thomas Holt for for £3275. Holt sailed into Sydney sometime in 1842 and made his fortune during the gold rushes of the early 1850s.
$30 per car per day on weekdays and Saturdays. $50 on Sundays and public holidays. Season passes are $160 for six months. (January 1st till june 30 and then July 1st till Dec 31st) Passes are for each car so yes you can lend your car to your brother! Walking is free.
284 Captain Cook Drive Kernell.
Inside the gate is a parking lot to the left for the non 4 wheel drives and then a dirt road down to the entrance. 
If you are going in the late afternoon then you can park outside the gates on the roadside and walk in as gates close 8pm during daylight savings and 6pm in the winter months. 
If you do not have a 4 wheel drive or do not want to pay to park on the beach or if like me you like to take an afternoon walk that might extend past the closure times walking is a nice option. It is only a ten minute or so walk down to the beach using the path that begins near the gates. Take a left when you reach the end of the hard path to follow the gravel and then sand path to the beach. 
It is a lovely stretch of beach mostly protected from the tide, making it a great place to swim for humans and doggos alike.
There are some beautiful rock pools filled with all kinds of aquatic life to explore further down the beach. Just stay out of the small aquatic reserve area with the pooches
The tiny little inlet at the top of the beach is very popular with families. The water is warmer and even more gentle and there is plenty to see underneath the water too if your into scuba diving or snorkling.
At low tide you can take a walk along those rocks over there that are surrounding the tiny bay.
Just don’t get caught out by the tide or you will be swimming back to shore 🙂
There is a track up higher that will take you through the scrub above the beach and rocks. A stunning little walk with some amazing views back to the beach and out to the ocean. Be warned though that I have seen 1080 signs on a part of this walk, so keep an eye out and maybe keep the puppers on leash in this area or turn back if you see the signs.
It is the most amazing beach to play, swim and explore along with family, friends or just the one special furry friend. 
Maybe you can even make some new friends while you are there! Even anti social Buffy had a little fun with these two cuties. 
On hot weekends and holidays the beach can get pretty busy, to the point where entry becomes limited to further traffic to keep it safe. If you do not get in early enough you might find yourself turned away or put in queue. Walkers are always welcome though.
So grab a leash and a puppy and don’t forget the frisbee!
and enjoy a day on one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. 
Because honestly nothing says joy more then a border collie on a beach!
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