Bomaderry Creek

The Nowra region, south of Bomaderry Creek was inhabited by the Wodi-Wodi tribe of the Yuin nation while north of Bomaderry Creek was inhabited by the Dharawal Aboriginal people prior to European arrival.
Bomaderry Creek is a small oasis of bushland adjacent to the town of Bomaderry. The walk includes patches of remnant rainforest, spotted gum forest, dry woodland and small hanging swamps. The small gorge is rich in Aboriginal heritage and sheer sandstone faces.
The track follows Bomaderry Creek which has carved a course through sandstone forming impressive cliffs, rock walls, overhangs and caves.
There is parking and toilets at the picnic area on Narang road Bomaderry. This is where most of the walks start.
The Weir to Mossy Gully walk is about 1.5km and will take about an hour.
The River Oak plus Weir to Mossy Gully is just over 5km and will take 2-3 hours.
There is also a short walk out to Bernies lookout from the carpark which would take around 30 minutes.
There are a lot of steps and some river crossings. All medium grade. 
So.. When i done this walk back on new years eve 2018 The reserve had been recently ravaged by some pretty awefull bush fires. If i had entered from the correct entrance instead of following google I would have seen that the walk was in fact officially closed.
As it was I did not realize this till finishing the walk. Due to the damage from the fires it was quite hard to find where the track went at times due to a thick cover of dead leaves and general disuse. We came across a few obstacles like this. Obstacles for me.. the dog barely noticed. 
There were plenty of fun little cave type rock formations to explore and photograph down here.
So yeah .. These are the Steps.
and uhhh .. this is a glen full of ferns
It’s an Aussie thing i guess… We do like to state the obvious at times.
Place is very alive with critters also. Like this little lizardey guy. 
Some pretty neat and colorful native birdies. 
And we even seen this rather cute and fluffy and not too terribly shy possum!
The creek is a nice place to swim in summer and kept Buffy cool on what was almost certainly too hot a day to be out hiking.  
Well worth the visit. Such a beautiful and peaceful place to spend a day exploring.
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