Cathedral Rocks Kiama

The name Kiama comes from the Aboriginal word Kiarama.. “Place where the sea makes noise”
Cathedral rocks are intensely hard volcanic rocks with many joints which have been eroded over hundreds of years leaving these delightful sculptural forms.  Cathedral Rocks may be viewed from Cliff Drive or studied from close range by approaching from the north.
The beaches and oceans of Kiama are also popular for whale, dolphin and seal watching, so keep your eyes open.
The lookout and the tiny beaches along the cliffs are located on Cliff drive. There are ways to scamper down the cliffs just where the houses end past number 38. 
The parking lot for and entrance to the dog friendly Jones beach is located near 126 North Kiama drive. Once you enter the beach just head to your right and you can walk up to the stones. 
So I started out, as I usually do.. Having after much research come to the almost certain conclusion that I was indeed allowed to take the pupper to see the rocks, I asked Google to take me there. This is where it lead me. A grassy knoll above some cliffs with a view of the rocks.
It did not look like it would be too difficult to climb down the cliffs, though there was no set path that was obvious, it wasnt a terribly steep descent. Once down the bottom we found ourselves on a rather gorgeous little beach with no one at all, even in the middle of the summer.
From here though there was no real visable way to make it to the rocks, so we climbed back up the cliffs and moved some metres down the road before climbing down the cliffs a little closer to the rocks. 
Another tiny stunning beach. Also rather isolated but still no obvious way to get to cathedral rocks easily or safely. 
So back up the cliffs and I can almost hear Buffy’s heart breaking as we leave the beach yet again!
They do say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. A third time and still no luck but really who can complain about failing when I just keep coming across stunning beaches like this every time i try?
But i think its time to try a different approach to this.
So with a little begging and pleading I finally get Buffy away from the beach and back in the car. 
I drive down the road, past where Cathedral Rocks are and find the parking lot for a Jones beach that looks to be a good starting point.
Bonus! Its actually a dog beach. After how annoyed Buffy has been with the short stops at the beaches I think it is only fair we stay for a bit.
At the far end of the beach there is access to the cliffs and a walk that heads over to the rocks we have been trying to get to. 
Also on the short walk along the beach I got to see a few seals playing in the waves but I was too awed to think to take a picture! Kiama is a very popular area for watching seals, dolphins and whales playing in the waves. So keep your eyes on the surf!
There is also a neat cave built into the cliffs along the way. Uhm Buffy? This is how she gets dry after a swim.
The view from the cave looking out to cathedral rocks is one that has been painted and photographed for over a hundred years. 
And there we are! We finally made it. Cathedral rocks!
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January 2019