Charles Darwin Walk

Follow in the footsteps of the famous naturalist, Charles Darwin, who walked this popular track in 1836
The walk starts at Wilson park on Falls road, Wentworth Falls.
Plenty of free parking on the street right near the park and toilets, picnic areas and playgrounds for the kiddies are all right here.
4.8km return. This is a very short and easy walk. There are a few small staircases and bridges but not many and nothing steep or difficult. If you are without your puppy then this track could be used as an access point to some of the larger, longer and harder tracks in the national park which starts at the end of the track.  
Unfortunately due to massive damage during the March 2020 floods this walk is currently closed
This walk starts from the beautiful Wilson park in Wentworth falls. 
This walk is a fairly easy grade with a lot of boardwalks and small bridges for safe and easy bridge crossings.
Buffy has learnt the best way to deal with these horrid metal staircases is quickly!
The river is a beautiful place to hang out in the early afternoon.
The Old Swimming Hole.. That is what it is called on the map. So I guess people used to come here to go swimming 🙂
A few steps take you down to this nice cool little resting spot under the cliff hang complete with its own little waterfall. 
Weeping rock Wentworth Falls c1880
Weeping rock. In the 19th Century there were strict Ladies only hours for bathing here and an interesting regulation that “All using the bath after 8am shall wear a bathing dress”
We left Buffys bathing dress at home but that did not keep her out of the water.
Unfortunately this is as far as we go. National park boundaries are a hard no go area for the puppers. But if for whatever reason you happen to be here without your dog then you can continue down this path to Wentworth falls which is only about 400 metres past this sign and to Fletchers lookout which offers great views of the waterfall and jamison valley.
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