Harrington Breakwater and Beach

Harrington Breakwater Begun in 1885 to improve the safety of the dangerous mouth of the river. Rocks were quarried at the southern side of the Crowdy Headland and transported by rail to Harrington. The wall extends approximately 2km upstream and 1km seaward.  The construction took 33 years to build. Today the breakwater is popular for fishing, walking and just taking in the panoramic view.


Where Crowdy street turns in to Beach street in Harrington, there is an ugly gravel parking lot on the corner. This is the easiest and closest parking to walk the break wall.
The breakwater is 2km long if you take a right and head along the river. Once you reach the end you can walk a little further on the river shore if you like.
The break wall goes for another km or so in the other direction. This will take you out to the beach side. Once here there is much much sandy beach to wander along and it is all 24/7 dog friendly.
We started this walk by leaving the car at the beach street carpark and following the Manning river towards the marshy nature reserve
Along the way there were plenty of birds including some massive pelicans that Buffy was quite fascinated with.
Also along the break wall are dozens of little memorial plaques attached to the boulders.. like this one. 
The break wall ends on this side at some mangrove type bushland. There is a track that leads you around and you can follow the beach a little further.. and possibly quite a bit further but I am not certain if dogs are allowed on this part of the reserve so we turned back.
Coming from Sydney and its busy beaches..it’s amazing to me to see a beach this stunning with next to no people on it. 
Hmmm…I wonder what she wants..
Well that’s a Silly question… can you imagine a better place to play frisbee?
It is just an endless expanse of soft sand.. Look at Buffy being a speck way off in the distance!
The tides have created this very picturesque little inland lake full of warm still water.  Stunning in the afternoon sunlight.
This side of the beach is a 4 wheel drive friendly beach, so you do have to keep an eye out for any cars that might be here.
If ever I am asked the Beach person or Forest person question I am always quite firmly the Forest person. Beaches like this one could definitely help tip the scales though. Can you imagine a more perfect place to be on a summer afternoon?
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