Ellenborough Falls

At 200 metres Ellenborough Falls is one of the longest single drop waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere. 
A beautiful site to see from all angles but there is 15-20km of narrow and winding dirt roads leading to the top of the mountain so be ready to take your time getting up and please drive carefully as there are a lot of blind corners. 
There is also a kiosk open Friday, Saturday & Sunday and all school holidays between 10am and 4pm. They sell fresh pies, sausage rolls, vegetarian pasties and cakes as well as fancy coffee, teas and cold drinks.

Ellenborough Falls Road Elands NSW

There are two lookouts for viewing the falls from the top that are about 100 metres and 200 metres from the carpark.
To get down to the base of the falls is over 600 steps on some well made, though slightly slippery boardwalks. There are several benches placed at intervals to rest at so you can take your time coming back up. 
There is also another walk – The Knoll – that takes you over a lovely bridge and to yet another lookout, this one facing front on to the falls. The walk then continues to a pretty little picnic area and through a beautiful forest walk back to the towns only store. The walk in total is about 3km return and well worth doing.

The View from one of the two lookouts a short stroll from the car park.
The steps and platforms are all well made and provide an easy way down to the bottom of the falls if not quite so easy a way back up!
The beautiful lake at the bottom of the falls is a popular swimming spot in summer for those who dont mind very cold water.
It is a 200 metre drop from the top of the falls straight down to the ground.
Even Buffy looks impressed… 200 metres… thats …big.
So some 600 hundred odd stairs later and we are back to here. If by this time you can still feel your legs the next bit is definitely worth sticking around to see!
This track takes you over this kinda cool wooden bridge and along this neat path with glimpses of the falls through the trees. 
The Knoll lookout shows a more front facing and equally impressive view of the falls. 
After the lookout the walk continues to a small picnic area under some huge trees and then back out to the street and a short walk to the towns one and only store/post office/cafe/thing.
It is nice walk through some very pretty rainforest and well worth the side trip!
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