Fernleigh Track Newcastle

The abandoned Belmont railway line was a coal haulage and passenger rail line from Adamstown to Belmont. In 1880 a rail line was built to Redhead with the line being extended to Belmont in 1916. At one stage there was talk of extending the line to Swansea.
A feature of the conversion of the former railway to a multi-use trail is the retention of many industrial heritage features. The trail passes through the brick-lined Fernleigh Tunnel under the Pacific Highway.
Starts at corner of Bailey street and Park avenue in Adamstown or at Railway parade in Belmont.
15.5 km from start to finish. flat, straight bicycle track the entire way. Slight incline from Belmont to Adamstown most of the way. So for an easier walk or ride, if your only going one way, consider starting at Adamstown. 
It was a rainy weekday morning when we done this and there were still plenty of people on the walk, mostly cyclists. so if your dog is put off by bicycles (or likes to chase them) this could possibly be a problem.
Most of the track moves through Belmont wetlands and crosses and follows several creeks along the way.  I’m sure there would have been plenty of birds and wildlife to see if the weather had been better. 
The weather was not the best and although there was some pretty wetlands views 15km of this become a little bit repetitive if I am honest. 
There are several places along the walk where the tracks have been left in tact (or possibly relayed for aesthetic reasons but no judgements!)
The remains of an old railway station along the way?
Definately the highlight of the walk. I do love creepy abandoned train tunnels! (see my page on the Boxvale walk) The tunnel is about 1km from the Adamstown starting point of the walk. So if your a little more time poor you could easily take a short walk just to see it. 

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