Heaton State Forest

North west of Toronto on the NSW Central Coast, Heaton State Forest is named after Richard Heaton, an English convict who became a timber cutter in the area. The Great North Walk runs through Heaton State Forest.
Forests in this area have been harvested for timber for many decades – some for over 150 years.
Hunters Lookout. Bakers road Olney (Olney state forest)
This is a 5.6km walk that will take roughly 2.5 hours to finish.
Wildwalks has this rated as a Hard walk but although long, a lot of this walk is done on fire trails and dirt roads. Personally I wouldn’t consider it that difficult. So maybe Medium-Hard.
This is not an established walk so much.. its a part of the Great North Walk turned into a loop walk by way of some dirt roads and fire trails.
For some very In depth notes on this walk click here..
Heaton state forest is really about the views. This walk starts at Hunters lookout..
Breathtaking views of the Hunter Valley and the mountain ranges of the lower Barringtons can be seen from here.
There are barbecues and picnic tables here. So probably a nice place to stop before or after your walk and admire the views. 
The walk winds along the hilltops, keeping close to the edge so you can admire views all the way.
There is a dirt track that connects the starting point of hunters lookout to the equally impressive McLeans lookout. 
Eventually though we do descend off of the cliffs and away from those amazing views into the surrounding forest. 
The track takes us down toward what in this rather dry climate is, not too surprisingly,  a dried creek bed. 
We also passed by, as well as under some rather awe inspiring caves.
The trip back is mostly along a straight dirt road. A nice way to cool down and admire the views on the walk back.
I think Buffy enjoys the views as much as I do! or maybe she can see a bunny down there somewhere. 
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