Horseshoe Falls

An enchanting way to spend a couple of hours in the blue mountain.. Chasing waterfalls. See if you can find them all.
Fairy Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Glow Worm Nook Falls, Lena Falls, Oaklands Falls and Burgess Falls 
A little past 66 Alexander avenue Hazelbrook you will find a small reserve with some parking and the signposted start to the track. 
Alternatively you can park on the side of the road somewhere close to 81 Oaklands road Hazelbrook. 
There must also be an entrance at Winbourne road (sign says so!)
You can easily see the main 3 waterfalls within 2 hours. After you make your way to Burgess falls there is a quick return trail just stay on the high track and it wont take very long at all to return to the carpark. If your Detouring to see the other waterfalls it might take a little longer, another 30 minutes or so. 
Some well built boardwalks might have us thinking this is going to be a terribly easy walk and although it is rather flat most of the way there are some sections of rough and uneven steps, some of them relatively high. Not a problem if your a border collie.. but Chihuahua’s beware!
These small cascades are visable from the path close to the entrance of the walk.
This one is on a barely visable track on your left, just before the boardwalks begin.
Fairy Falls Cascades are on a short side track slightly upstream of Horseshoe falls.
Oaklands Falls from beneath and front on
Horseshoe falls
Walk under Horseshoe falls and you will find a track that continues on the other side. This track leads to glow worm nook falls.
Glow Worm Nook Falls. If you come here in the evening you can spot some glow worms here.
The moss covered steps, boulders and fallen trees make you feel like its all been untouched for lifetimes.
Some of these rock overhangs make some pretty impressive looking caves. Sure to impress any youngins. Well it impressed me..
Even when your not gawking at one of the waterfalls… The scenery is still absolutely stunning.
But nothing really beats the glamour of the waterfalls.
Here are my Aunt Leonie and Buffy both modelling Burgess falls! Thankyou ladies 🙂
It is worth a hike on a rainy day to see the waterfalls at their best.
A very pleasant way to tire your four legged friend out for the day.. or if they are a border collie half a day…maybe
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