Bennet’s Beach & Jimmy’s Beach

Located in Hawk’s nest, you get two of the most amazing beaches for the price of one here and both are dog friendly! 
Bennett’s beach is a gorgeous ocean beach with white sands and crystal clear water and just cross over a sand dune and you are on Jimmy’s Beach with its equally white sands a calmer beach looking to the Karuah river and less wavey in a little bay. Keep an eye out for dolphins in the bay and the beach while you admire the amazing views of the surrounding islands and national parks.
There is parking all along Beach street in Hawk’s nest. The spit trail begins at the end of the road. 
If you park at the end of the street and take the track on your left to Bennett’s Beach before walking to the national park limits and then crossing over to Jimmy’s beach and walking back up then it is roughly a 4km walk. 
The Yacaaba Headland track is a non dog friendly walk that starts at the end of Bennett’s Beach, in the Myall National park. It is a grade 4, 7km walk that will take around 3 hours….But none of this matters coz I am sure you all are taking your doggo’s with you right?
Bennett’s Beach has a lot going for it. A huge long expanse of perfect white sand and crystal clear ocean, 14.3 km of it to be precise!
Thats a lot of sand to run and play along and a lot of waves to chase and bark at!
There are views of the Surrounding tree filled islands and Myall national park, with a distant outlook to the Barrington Mountains.
At the end of the beach is Yacaaba Head, the remains of a volcano which at its highest point raises up to 210 metres.
It is a beautiful walk to the end of this beach on a warm spring day.
The dreaded national park sign at the end of Bennett’s beach. If you are here without your Canine companion then The Yacaaba headland walk begins right here.. Otherwise just backtrack a few metres to the 4 wheel drive track that will take you over to Jimmy’s beach.
It is only a very short walk, about a hundred metres over a small sand hill or two to get from one shore to the other.
Jimmy’s Beach sit’s on the shores of the Karuah river and is more more protected from the ocean swells, there are next to no waves at all.
This super calm beach would be great for children or for anyone who wants to just chill in the water without being beat up by nature.
These beaches are perfect.. Massive white sand beaches that really allow you to spread out and enjoy the crystal clear waters and amazing views, with the option to choose between the ocean or the bay.. or both! 
Have you seen..?
September 2019