Kerewong State Forest

Kerewong State Forest is set on former farmland. The Swan family ran a dairy and beef property on the site for many years, clearing the forest and establishing grasses for the stock. This continued until 1964 when the area became State forest. The area is now surrounded by regenerated native forest and hardwood plantations. Swimming is also popular in the nearby shallows of Upsalls Creek and Longworths Tramway Heritage Walk is located a short drive away, with other walking trails leading off from the site
Swans Crossing Campground is off of Kerewong road in Swans Crossing. The Cascade walking starts about a km away, close to where Kerewong road and Upsalls Creek roads meet and the Tramway walk was about two km back down Upsalls Creek road. 
-The Cascade Walking track is a very easy 1.2km return walk. Less then an hour. 
-Longworths Heritage Tramway walk is about 2.5km and roughly an hour. 
-There is a walking track that follows the creek behind the Swans crossing camping area, circling and connecting the campsites before branching off.
There had been a hard hale the day before and it was off and on raining the day I visited Kerewong. The roads are mostly dirt but in better condition then some state forests that i have visited. The first thing we came across was the Tramway walk. 
Part of the railway has been rebuilt right near Upsalls Creek to show how it would have looked in the early 1900’s when it was used to haul timber felled in the area the 15km to where barges awaited them on the Camden Haven River.
The track alternates between fire trails like this and walking tracks that take you through some pretty sections of rain forest.
Remains of an old bridge collapsed into the creek.
Cuttings made under trees to make space for the rails.
The walk ends at a beautiful wide clearing with a nice outlook to Upsalls Creek that circles it. 
There are even a couple of benches to sit and enjoy a rest by the creek.
Only a km or so down the road is a sign indicating the cascades walk. Its a pretty walk along the creek through some gorgeous rain forest.
The cascades are lovely even in drought conditions and it would be a stunning place to go swimming in slightly warmer weather.
From the cascades walk its only a few hundred metres to the Swans crossing camping and picnic area.
Upsalls creek runs behind the camping area and there is a track that follows the creek and circles around the area. About a km into the walk the track splits into two different tracks, one going off to the forest and the other crossing the creek.
There are also plenty of picnic tables, bbq’s, swings and other kids playing equipment and this cool train!
On the drive out I could see what looked like an interesting part of the creek from the road, so when I spotted a couple of 4 wheel drive tracks heading in I parked the car and walked the few metres to where the creek was cutting through all this dark rock.
What an amazing place this would be to spend a summer day. Hanging out in a natural spa surrounded by birdsong!
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