Medlow Bath

The small village of Medlow Bath is located 6 km west of Katoomba, 107 km from Sydney and 1050 metres above sea-level. It would hardly be worth mentioning Medlow Bath if it wasn’t for the Hydro Majestic Hotel.
Behind this building are some amazing views of the Kanimbla valley and some incredible old walking tracks
Red track. Belgravia street to Blackheath Glenn Reserve. 
3 hours. 7km return. Moderately difficult. Exposed and open cliffs and some parts of the tracks that might be hard to follow in places. quite some care needs to be taken.
Blue Track. Belgravia street to the coliseum via Tuckers lookout and coliseum track.
2 hours. 4km Return. Moderately difficult and dangerous if not enough care taken. Fencing and parts of the track are missing due to age and collapse. Exposed unprotected cliffs.
Green Track. Three brothers and Glen Rosa track from Bellevue street.
3 hours. 5km Circuit. Moderate track. Slightly less dangerous then the other two tracks but there are overgrown sections that might be difficult to get around and a couple of the unprotected clifftops that are the norm for these walks.
Purple track. Medlow Bath Cliff top tracks: Glen Rosa, Sunbath & Wonderland.
3 Hours. 8km Circuit Including a return along Station street and The Great Western Hwy.
Although the longest track this one is probably the easiest or at least it has less chance of falling to your doom then the others walks. Not none mind just less. Still be careful.  
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Address: A fire trail right near number 12 Bellevue crescent, which is the street just past the service station near the hotel.
Otherwise entrance is on Belgravia street which just off of station street.The walking track starts at the very end of the road on the right.
This page may be a work in progress for a while. I have only visited this gorgeous place once for a few hours so more exploring is due!
So my first attempt was at the “Blue” track which would have taken me down to the coliseum via some very interesting bits of old track.  Interesting in this case does mean interesting but it also means at least a little bit dangerous.. as you can see most of the barriers that might once have existed on these tracks are almost purely decorative now. These steep stairways are sitting on unprotected and very high cliffs.
We did make it as far as this awesome descent through the middle of two huge boulders down what is left of a very old wooden stairway
This is where I turned back though. Although Buffy is not a very heavy dog and it is not a very high ladder and I could probably have lifted her down.. I had this very vivid image of her jumping out of my arms and straight down that much higher then it looks in the picture cliff. I will return with a harness so I can safely lower her down soon! Alternatively you could find the way to the coliseum from the Megalong Valley road entrance, following the Valley Farm track until it connects to the Coliseum track. 
We backtracked along the same track, passing some more cliffs and steps where care must be taken to avoid falling to ones doom.
Came across some beautiful rock formations overlooking some equally beautiful views of the valley
After a short break I drove down to Bellevue Crescent to start the walk that I have marked as the purple walk. 
A short walk down the fire trail brings us to the Three Brothers track with some great views over the valley!
The Glen Rosa track takes us right below and to the back of the grand majestic hotel. 
This is The “Cave house” Just below the cliff line at the back of the hotel.
Some pictures taken along the Glenn Rosa track with Buffy admiring the views.
The gorgeous views as we walk along the cliffs on the way to the old sunbath.
The Sunbath used to be enclosed with a large fence so that people could bathe all nekked like if that was their thing.
These tracks are fascinating as well as stunning and I very much look forward to exploring them further in the near future. Watch this space!
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