Mermaids Cave

Mermaids Cave is an undercut sandstone cave located in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It was named in 1882 and was also known as Mermaid’s Glen. It is accessible by a short walking trail from the Megalong Valley road. A scene from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was filmed there.
Turn off of Chifley road in Blackheath and on to Megalong road. Not too far down the road there will be a very sharp hairpin corner heading to the right. The parking lot is inside the hairpin. Park and carefully cross the road to the signposted walk heading down.
Its only a couple of hundred metres and a rather long stair case to the waterfall but if you are after a longer walk there are several entrances from station street that you could start your walk at instead.
Mermaids Cave was used as a set for a couple of scenes from Mad Max.      
It is just a short walk from the street and then a descent down a rather beautiful old staircase cutting through sandstone walls.
A beautiful amphitheater is at the bottom with a waterfall spilling in to fill it. 
Of course like any waterfall you want to try your best to be here after a little bit of rain for the best effect.
You can walk behind the waterfall for a birds eye view of the glen below.
2kms further down Megalong road and you reach the Coachwood glen nature trail. A 600 metre dog friendly walk through the wilderness.
If you are feeling super keen then maybe Medlow Bath might be more your style. Many km’s of old trails to explore behind the old hotel.
Whatever you choose to do, time spent in the Megalong valley will not be time wasted.
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May 2020