Oatley Park

The 45 hectare Oatley Park is on a promontory jutting into George’s River, bounded by Lime Kiln Bay and Jewfish Bay. The land was proclaimed in May 1888 (initially as Peakhurst Park), with Hurstville Council being appointed trustee in 1908.
Oatley Park is noted for its trees, shrubs and native flowers, as well as the river beaches and prolific bird life. The records do not show when the baths were built but they are known to have been in use in the 1920’s. During the depression of the 1930’s, considerable work was done there under the Unemployment Relief Scheme. The scenic road and lookouts  were also constructed around the river foreshores and at the same time, the kiosk and eye-catching castle were  built as an attraction for visitors.
1 Dame Mary Gilmore Rd Oatley.
There are 4km of walking tracks and another 4km of shared tracks in the reserve so you can walk and explore as much or as little as you like!
The Oatley Walking Track Brochure details suggested walks ranging from 15 minutes up to 2 hours long as well as any points of interest along the way.
Oatley Park is a very family friendly kind of place. Its full of picnic areas, bbq’s and children’s play areas. It is also quite full of human beings, large and small. This might be a place for the more dog friendly and human friendly canine’s. 
There are 4km of formed walking tracks in the park..
..but there are also points on some of the walks where you will share the roads with bikes and cars.
The baths are thought to have been built in the late 20’s and have been a popular shark proof swimming place since!
A lovely little beach with plenty of shade near the baths is a great place to chill on a warm day.
Since it is a strictly on lead dog park I am really not sure about the policies on dog’s swimming in the baths here. 
The tracks are clear and easy to follow, there are some stairs but all in all these are rather easy tracks. Keep an eye out for the wildlife too, plenty of lizards and birds to be seen here as well as a few resident wallabies living in the park
There are some gorgeous views of the Georges river often along the way.
Buffy seems to like checking out the views, or she is just looking for a way down to the river for a swim.
Castle!! Yep, Oatley park has it’s own castle. Built during the Great Depression (1929-1932) this castle was originally built as a kiosk.
Today it houses a couple of picnic benches downstairs with an area upstairs where you can sit and watch the activity on the Georges river.
A great place to hang out for a few hours and explore, or you could bring your lunch and some other humans and spend the day 🙂
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October 2019