Address: There are many places to leave your car for this one..
The Dairy entrance at Cowpasture and restwell roads Abbotsbury, Lizard Log entrance at Cowpasture road and Horsley drive Abbotsbury, the Moonrise/Equestrian centre entrance at Saxony road Horsley park or park outside Calmsley Hill city farm on Darling street Abbotsbury. 
If you plan to walk a little later, remember that the parklands closes to traffic at sunset. In this case parking outside The Dairy entrance on the lawn is probably the easiest solution.
-Moonrise walk is 6.2km. Roughly 90 minutes. Track is a mixture of paved and dirt track and suitable for most levels of fitness.
-Pimelea walk is a 1.6km ( 20 minute) paved walk that circles the lizard log area. Wheelchair accessible.
-Sugarloaf Ridge walk is a quick 2km (30 minute) Walk that takes in the amazing views from Moonrise and Sugarloaf lookouts. 
This walk is probably the most interesting and varied walk in The Parklands. A lot of it is on paved walking tracks but parts of it are grass, gravel or dirt as well. Nothing too difficult, a couple of hills but just take your time if your feeling a little puffed!
There is a lot of cool random stuff just hanging around everywhere throughout the walk, Mostly horsey type stuff from the equestrian center nearby, some jumps and steeple chasing obstacles and little lakes and such things. 
There are also some lovely fields full of bunny rabbits to run and chase your way through
If you are here at the right time of the day there is also a good chance of finding some kangaroo’s to chase!
There are always places to photograph stunning sunsets in the early evenings
Buffy is showing my small borrowed human being Lilly how to do “Dog on a Log” 
Lilly and Buffy having a time out at the Ginger Megs Memorial. Who is Ginger Megs? Well there is an interesting story but I really do not want to ruin it for you.. You can read it when you get there. You are just googling it now though aren’t you? tsk tsk!
One of many amazing lookouts on this gorgeous walk through The Parklands. Hope to see you there!
For your next walk…
July 2020