South Lawson

As tourists, honeymooners and people convalescing sought to escape Sydney, guest house owners responded to the need to develop walking tracks to show off local jewels. The track to Adelina falls was built in 1882 by the local publican in lawson and the falls named for his daughter Adelaide Wilson. Further tracks linking Adelina falls to Federal and Cataract falls and then to the local recreation area were built between 1882 and 1907. 
There are two entrances, both with parking. Across from 74 Honour avenue and 94 Honour avenue Lawson. Both parking lots are linked by a short fire trail. The Dog park is near to the 74 Honour ave. Entrance. 

The Entire circuit is a little under 3 kms.  Allow 2 hours to see everything without rushing 🙂
The former Lawson Golf course is an off lead dog park and a great place to stop by after your walk. 
This walk starts much like all such walks do.. Descending our first lot of steps down from the Entrance. 
The first falls I came across on my walk was Adelina Falls. Named for the Daughter of  The Blue Mountain Inn, Adelaide Wilson. Before it was called Adelina falls it was already named Livingstone Falls. 
On a small side track leading up to the falls was a cliff with water weaping down it, creating a beautiful wall of mosses and ferns.
A Vast majority of the walk follows along Lawson and Cataract creeks with some of the most beautiful scenery.  There are tiny little hidden paradises all over the place!
Small cascades like these are everywhere. If you can hear water falling it might be worth following your ear to the creek to check it out. 
 Junction Falls is actually two separate falls, one on Ridge creek and one on Lawson creek only a few metres away.
This side of Junction Falls used to be called Stanley Falls back in the day. Not really sure what is with all the waterfall renaming.. Stanley is a fine name for a waterfall. It is also an amazing waterfall for a photo shoot!
Also the most scenic place imaginable for a game of fetch. 
This little beauty is the other side of junction falls and just as picturesque.
and here we are at Federal Falls. 
Everywhere around you as you walk from one waterfall to the next you are surrounded by exquisite views like this.
This is the view from the bottom of Cataract falls during one of my trips when the water was barely flowing. 
and the Upper section of Cataract falls on the same trip. 
A slightly more impressive Cataract Falls after we had a few days of decent rain.
So if you finished your beautiful walk and you have a dog like mine that somehow ends a two hour hike even more energized then when they started, then this is the perfect place for you. If you parked near the entrance that leads to Adelina Falls, as you come down the stairs there is a path to the right which leads over a small wooden bridge crossing a very pretty creek and then to the former Lawson golf course, now an off lead dog park… It is Massive! 
So yeah… Its game time. Frisbee is life!
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June 2019