Strickland State Forest

Strickland State Forest is considered a unique ecotourism destination. For a relatively compact State forest of just five square kilometres, it contains an impressive variety of flora and fauna, with 350 plants, 98 birds, 29 reptiles, 27 mammals, 20 amphibians and 4 fish species.
Strickland State Forest was the site of the first government forest nursery (1886-1890) and first national forestry training school (1920 – 1927). Some remnants of the native and exotic tree plantings established during those times are now among the oldest in Australia and can be seen on the Arboretum Track.
Strickland State Forest is gated and for day use only. It is open between dawn and dusk. 
Strickland Forest road (off Mangrove road) Sommersby
From the Banksia picnic area and carpark:
 [1] Strickland Falls Track: 1.6k Loop – medium
 [2] Cabbage Tree Track: 1.6km Loop – medium
 [3] Stony Creek Track: 1km one way – medium
 [4] Ridge to Rainforest: 2.1km one way – medium
From the Stoney Creek parking area:
 [6] Arboretum Track: 2.3 km Loop – easy
 [5] Bellbird Track: 1.3 km loop track – easy (3.3km to do both together) 
All up if you decided to start at either parking lot and do all of the tracks as a long loop including doing the Ridge to Rainforest track once and then returning via the other tracks then it would be somewhere around a 9.5km loop and Probably a decent 2.5 -3 hour hike. 
When I went to The Entrance to Visit Strickland, my dad happened to be staying close. I actually had human company for once while hiking!
Not that Buffy isn’t great company but her conversation can be a little lacking. 
The two are great friends. Here Grand-dad and Grand-dog both seem to be contemplating something deep and meaningful together.
Whether you are doing the walk with a K9 or family member there is a lot to see in the 10ish kms of walking tracks in Strickland State forest.
Like this cool little cave that Buffy came across. 
Huge trees that seem to be rooted in massive blocks of sandstone. 
Some beautiful views across the valley..
There is even a waterfall. This is Strickland falls. Located on the Strickland falls track of all places. Probably not a coincidence…
The very picturesque Stoney creek
and strange rock formations like this one that we found inside a cave.
There is even an amazingly bouncy suspension bridge to cross the creek!
Some of these old trees on the Arboretum track were planted over 130 years ago!
So find a day to relax and enjoy your time in this spectacular old forest and forget the outside world for a couple of hours.
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April 2019 & November 2020