Terrace Falls

The first track directly to the base of Terrace Falls was the zigzag track from carpark 2 built in 1892 by Thomas Gallagher for the sum of 14 pounds. The Historic stone staircase is representative of construction of the time and holds up well today, being the safest and quickest route. Other tracks were built up to 1938 joining Bedford Pool area, Picnic Point and Willawong Pool to Terrace Falls and Victor Falls.
Terrace falls road Hazelbrook. 
Just drive as far as you can and find somewhere to safely leave  your car without blocking the gate and start walking down the firetrail.
Its about a ten minute walk to the start of the trackhead from the gate. Here there is a sign and a map telling you…
Victor falls return walk: 1km – 20 minutes (easy)
Terrace Falls return walk: 2km – 1 hour (medium)
Picnic Point return walk: 2.6km – 80 mins (medium)
Bedford Pool return walk: 3km – 90 mins (medium)
But as you can see on the map there are other things to be seen in the reserve, some marked on the map and some not so much..  Returning via the main fire trail should shorten your return trip if you make it that far into the walk. 
It starts with an easy downhill walk through hundreds of squiggley gums. Seems like a very unlikely place for a waterfall right?
Keep an eye out for a sign to Adams lookout.. It’s a decent 20-30 minute walk up but well worth it. Stunning views!
I almost crossed the creek to continue on the firetrail here. The trackhead starts just to the left before crossing the creek.
A lot of the path follows open cliff tops and ledges. Watch out for the little ones or unpredictable puppers. 
Victor Falls. Low rain fall conditions leave it less impressive then it could be but still beautiful.
The cliffs and overhangs and mini caves are all rather awe inspiring. 
A stop off at Bedford pools. 
Some of these creek crossings are interesting. As in slippery and stumbly interesting. Good shoes with decent grip and preferably water proof ones for when you finally fall in the creek are definitely recommended.
Pyramid Falls…. at least i think so.  Actually I am fairly sure. Yes lets call it Pyramid falls.
Signs like this confuse more then help a person who is as easily lost as i am. Oh and a tip for this walk.. If you find yourself unsure of if you are still on the path, you might very well not be. The path is relatively clear through the whole walk. If you cant see where the track continues.. is it possible it crosses a creek? I missed a creek crossing and then somehow got it in to my head that I needed to climb down terrace falls to continue on to the track. When I decided I was wrong, climbing back up was not too fun!
A pretty cascade found along the creek
The upper part of Terrace Falls.
Terrace falls. Stunning!
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