Wiggins Track

The Wiggins track was first made at the end of the 1870’s but was reconstructed in 1907 and at that time was named for the Wiggins
family who lived nearby and helped with the construction.
The Sassafras Gully Road to Wiggins Track was Constructed in 1890 with the intentions of both providing an entrance into Sassafras Gully closer to the township and making a round trip with the Wiggins Track. However, due to the poor condition of the latter, one party became lost a few months later trying to do the round trip. (I could not find anymore information on these poor people… I hope they were found!)
Sassafras Gully and Wiggins track: 4.8km return (2.5 hours) Hard
The last 2km of this is walked on the road and is nice and easy. 
The track begins at the end of Sassafras Gully road in Springwood.
Or go in the other direction by starting at the end of Yondell road.
If you are doing this Dogless (I respect your lifestyle choice) there are some longer tracks that cross into national park you can check out..
Faulconbridge station via Victory track: 4.5km one way. (2.5 hours) Hard
Perch Ponds: 8km return (5 hours) Hard
Springwood Town via Perch Ponds: 9km one way (5 hours) Hard
Martins Lookout: 6km one way (4 hours) Hard
It was a wet and slippy day to be venturing out into a rain forest. So lots of mud and slippery steps!
We climbed down sandstone steps and through sandstone walls with a few caves along the way, very welcome on a rainy winter morning. 
Before long the track is following this gentle shallow creek. Google does not seem to have a name for it so lets call it Wiggins creek?
How cool is this little Fern island with its little moss rock neighbours?
The forest was serene and peaceful. I didn’t run into a single other person and you hear nothing of the world outside from down here.
There are tiny cascades all the way along Wiggins creek which the track is never more then a few metres from. 
Buffy even found a few little swimming holes. It really never takes her very long and no use reminding her its the middle of winter.
Some lovely corridors of very green ferns…. very rainforestey.
One of the more amazing sets of steps i have seen. Those middle steps look like they are floating. 
The weather was miserable but it was still a great day out with my little buddy and she certainly enjoyed herself 🙂
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June 2019