In the Australian Aboriginal Dharug language the river draws its name, meaning “black rocks”.[1] ‘Woronora’ is an Aboriginal place name. Records show the spelling of the name has varied since it first appeared in the 19th century, the earliest being Wooloonora (Dixon, 1827, quoted in Walker 1974:66, followed by Wolonora (Dixon, 1837, and Woronora Mitchell, 1835). The name was first applied to the Woronora River, a tributary of the Georges River, before being given to an electoral district, a local road east of the river, and finally the suburb itself.[3]

Address: There is a few car spaces on Prince Edward Park road, right by where the stairs take you down into Prince Edward Park and only about a hundred metres and across the road from Woronora RSL. This would be the closest and easiest place to park to start the walk. It also means that you can end your walk at the dog friendly RSL if you wish 🙂

Distance: Around 5km and 2 hours. Medium grade, nothing too hard or dangerous but kind of steep in places with a little bit of scrambling. Track was fairly clear the whole way but there are a lot of side tracks so unless you are carefully watching your GPS it would be pretty easy to end up on the wrong track.